Saturday, April 21, 2012

Road Kill

One quick thought/story before I refocus my world on stressing about finals…

 Mike has been gone for almost a month now. For those who don’t know, he got an awesome job in Louisville Kentucky where he now resides, we will be joining him in July when school is out. Moral of the story…I make a decent temporary head of the household, but just had a silly experience that reminded me that I miss my buddy!

 Creighton and Karac: Having a party and taking advantage of every second of having a single parent (like any teenagers would, two against one).

 Cat: Doesn’t give a crap about any of it.

 Caiya (Dog): Living a life that has changed drastically since her best friend/ running/hiking, blond hair blue eyed friend has disappeared from her life without warning. She has no idea if he is ever to return, and is not a huge fan of his substitute.

 Me: I’m doing ok and keeping things in line (to the best of my abilities) but realize as I try to take Mikes place, I don’t cut it. Tonight I took Caiya on a short hike up AF canyon, alone, just me and the dog…as I was climbing up a huge gravel hill I pretty much face planted onto a dead raccoon…

 Realization: It’s funny/fun when people fall onto dead animals, but unless you have a buddy around to appreciate it…not funny. Caiya was no help.

 The End

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